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We’re entitled to know about them

May 23, 2009

Now that we have a government that promises stability, and a Prime Minister who is bent on being a effective one too, there is a great deal of priorities proposed by all and sundry.

And I am not going to be left behind. May I suggest that we move towards an era of greater transparency in public domain? Dr. Manmohan Singh, a champion of RTI act, would surely agree that transparency will help us fix accountability, and in a way will improve governance to a greater extent. This shall not be restricted to Politicians alone but whoever getting paid from the public money.

To quote John Wick, who acted as a broker passing the details of British MPs’ expenses from an anonymous source to the newspaper and unearthed a scandal that shook British Parliament:

“We’ve reached the stage in society where they want to know everything about us, I think we’re entitled to know about them.”

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