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The Missing Spark

February 1, 2010

What would you do if your Motorbike refuses to start, especially, when you had gone to an Engineering School and graduated in Mechanical Engineering with ‘distinction’ ?

I went to a Friend’s place over the weekend. It was a perfect Saturday: I had slept till 11 A.M, then tossed around and slept again till 2 P.M, ate three square meals in the afternoon, drank a nice cup of mixed fruit badam milk for just Rs 8 in the evening, watched television and generally did a lot of nothings. I, in fact, was so proud of accomplishing so many things a single day. I became hungry again and promptly went to my Friend’s place to see what’s cooking.

The Perfect day continued with puffed rice, Groundnut Sweets, Tea with milk(not Powder!), Dosas with three chutneys and playing Carrom Board in which I didn’t discriminate between my coins and opponents coins. I pocketed them all. Well, almost! And then the tragedy struck late night. My bike refused to start for my return trip. I had planned to do a lot of perfect activities for the next day, too. The Friend, having recently joined the gym, tried his might to do kick starting. Stubborn and unyielding, the bike let him know that he is solving a wrong problem and at this rate it wouldn’t matter even if he doubled his workout time as he is found lacking in the another department! After some time, us being Software Engineers (Where else would you expect a Mechanical Engineer to work? In Factories?), we changed the perspective: Borrow the Friend’s bike and continue the trip. Bingo!

The next day I returned to Friend’s place to deliberate on what might be issue with bike not starting. I told him that I had never studied Automobile Engineering in college and my elective was Computer Integrated Manufacturing. He told me that his was Computation Fluid Mechanics and I should not expect any expertise from him either. And we both had our spirits lifted when we remembered we got perfect 10’s in our respective electives. In case if you were wondering where we stood now, I work in COBOL and my friend in JAVA.

The Friend’s mom having specialized in our psychopathology suggested us to cut the non-sense and take the bike to the mechanic. We followed her advice and learned the following in the process: What to check if bike is not starting? How to check if Spark is not coming? How to check if Battery down? What liquid to fill in the battery? What we can do and cannot do without replacing battery? How to manage with a half battery? etc. Answers to all the above questions for just Rs 40.

Now, what would you do if your Motorbike refuses to start especially, when you had gone to an Engineering School and graduated in Mechanical Engineering with ‘distinction’. The answer is take it to the friendly neighborhood mechanic shop and then write about it in your blog.

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